Language                   Book Name                                 Author

English                        Religion in Chinese Society                                            C.K.Yang

English                        The Three Pillars of ZEN                                             Philip Kapleau

English                     The Different Path of Buddhism                                       Carl Olson

English                      A Floating Life (The Adventure of Lipo)                     Simon Elegant

English                        The Bodhicaryavatara                                                   Paul Williams

English                        The Sociological Imagination                                     C.Wright Mills

English                        Faith of Our Fathers                                                   Edwin S Guastad

English                          God and the Gods                                                          Walter Beltz

English                          Christ and Krishna                              Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada

English                            God and Evil                                                             David Birnbaum

English                       Christianity and History                                            Herbert Butterfield

English                         Jewish Sages of Today                                                  Aryeh Rubin

English                           Religion in America                                               Winthrop S Hudson

English               The Story of Religion in America                                   William Warren Sweet

English                            ZEN for Beginners                                                     Naomi Rosenblatt

English                              Coming Home                                                                 Lex Hixon

English                                    Buddhism                                                   Donald W. Mitchell

English                        Radiant Mind                                                               Jean Smith

English                 The Experience of Buddhism                                      John S. Strong

English                        Asian Philosophies                                                John M.Koller

English                              Awakening                                                      Patrick S. Bresnan

English                           Order and Chaos                                                        Nikolai Gogol

English                        Sources Of Chinese Tradition

English                           Chinese wit and humor                                           George kao

English                       A history of ZEN Buddhism                                     Heinrich Dumoulin,S.J.

English                       An anthology of I Ching                                    W.A. Sherrill

English                        Mindful Politics                                                          Melvin Mcleod

English                        between two Souls                                         Joan D.Chittister

English                        Voices from World Religions                        Henry O Thompson

English                        Where The Wasteland Ends                               Theodore  Roszak

English                        The Myth of the Eternal return                             Mircea Eliade

English                                  Summa                                                          David Birnbaun

English                              Why WACO?                                                     James D. Tabor

English                        Religion in America                                         Julia Mictchell Corbett

English                        Dialogue with Death                                       Abraham Schmitt

English                        Experiencing the World’s Religions               Michael Molloy

English & Japan        Handy Bilingual Reference for Kami and Jinja

English                                  Touched by Truth                            Sandy & Jael Bharat

English                                  The Hindu Speaks                            N – Ravi Auditer

English                            Shinto (The Kamiway)                           Sokyo Ono

English                Awakening the Mind Lightening The Heart         The Dalai Lama

English                              Testing the Global Ethic                   Peggy Morgan

English                               Basic Terms of Shinto                            Ueda Kanji

English                              Shinto ( A Short History)                  Mark Teeuwen

English                   Kami No Michi (The Way of KAMI)             Rev.Dr.Yukitaka Yamamoto

English                  Mapping  the Cosmos an Introduction to God                Joel & Sandy

English                     Shinto Norito (A Book of Prayers)       Ann Llewellyn Evans

English                       The Journal of Son – Mu                               Prof. Chur Kim

English                        KAMI in Pictures                               Nobuyoshi Araki

English                     Parliament of religions

English               Human Rights and Religious Freedom in South Asia

English               Shinto from an International Perspective                         Yamaguchi Satoshi

English                  Jingu

English                                  KAMI                                     Inoue Nobutaka

English                  MATSURI (Festival and Rite in Japanese Life)

English                  IARF World Congress 1996 Korea                  Sandy Martin

English                   Visions of an Interfaith Future                      Celia and David Storey

English                  IARF  Centennial  Reflections                          Van Gorcum

English                  Shinto  and  the  state                    Helen   Hardacre

English                  Human Rights Education               Bro.Albert Xaviour

English                  The Religions of India                     Roshen Dalal

English                  The Challenge of Terrorism for international Security   United Nation

English                  Common World Progress Through Diversity

English                 Totem Poles (An Illustrated Guide)                    Marjorie M. Halpin

English                     Essence of Hinduism                                                D.S.Sarma

English                   Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals        Swami Krishnananda

English                    Falun Gong and the future of China                     David Ownby

English                    A  Few Good Men                                                     Jan Nattier

English                    Curators of the Buddha                                Donald S. Lopez, Jr.

English                     Tao Te Ching                                                              Lao Tzu

English                 Living Buddha Living Christ                             Thich Nhat Hanh

English                      Jizo Bodhisattua                                               Jan Chozen Bays

English               The Emptiness of Emptiness                              C.W. Huntington JR.

English                  Buddhism after Patriarchy                                    Rita M. Gross

English                            Confucius                                                        Meher Mcarthur

English                     In Search of the Dharma                                       Chen Hua

English                   Zen Awakening and Society                                Christopher Ives

English                 The Essence of the  Gnostics                                  Bernard Simon

English                         The White Lotus                                                 B.J. Ter Haar

English                 Ritual Practice in Modernn Japan                        Satsuki kawano

English                             Sikh Religion

English                     Thai Women in Buddhism                             Chatsumarn Kabilsingh

English                         The Gandhi Reader                                              homer A. Jack

English                     Buddhism in Taiwan                                       Charles Brewer Jones

English                Scripture of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma            Leon Hurvitz